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Professional Services


One dog

5 day assessment period - $130.00 after they pass the assessment full membership is open 

$28.00 a day

$130.00 for 5  

$250.00 for 10 days

$550.00 for 1 month   

Multiple dog Daycare Packages Available 


Master Trainer Mike Kordusky has recieved several certificates as a Dog Behaviorist/Dog Psychologist.  Mike will work with fearful dogs, anxious dogs, aggressive dogs, jumping, excessive barking etc.  

Mike has quickly become and last stop last resort for dogs with behavior problems.  Many of the dogs Mike has rehabiltated have rejoined their families and are living in harmony today.  

Assessment - $50.00 

Private Sessions - $50.00 

In-Kennel Behavior Modification - $375.00 a week or $1,500.00 for 30 days 

TEMPERAMENT TESTING is used to help evaluate the dog that is showing aggressive behavior.

This test is also used for the evaluation of working ability, personal protection or police work.

For dogs age 1 year and up.

Cost: $75.00


BEHAVIOR ISSUES including but not limited to: excitement, jumping, nipping, chewing, digging, barking, housebreaking, chasing, fear and anxiety. Most of these behaviors can be dealt with in regular classes.

Cost: $75.00 for initial assessment.

The number of sessions will vary with each dog and the need that is represented


AGGRESSION ISSUES will depend on the type of aggression problem you are having with your dog. A temperament test may need to be performed. This is recommended for dogs with aggression issues of any kind. After the temperament test is performed then the behavior modification plan will be discussed. The best way to become Alpha to your dog is train in obedience. Many behavior problems are solved in this way.

Once your dog has been trained in obedience you will have the foundation to deal with aggression and or behavior problems.

Cost: $75.00 for initial assessment. Expenses of 57 cents a mile.

The number of sessions will vary with each dog and the need represented.