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Obedience Training

Mountaineer K-9 services uses world class training techniques: 

Master Trainer Mike Kordusky and his staff are proficient in positive reinforcement training, drive/training through play, and Compulsion training.

Mike and his staff will assess the dog and create a plan for each individual dog and many times it is a combination of the different methods of training.  No two dogs are the same and we do not believe you can put all dogs into one catagory.  

Positive Reinforcement is a reward system using classical conditioning.  We use treats/praise/petting to reinforce wanted behaviors and negative reinforcement (withholding of reward) for unwanted behaviors.  All the Trainers at Mountaineer K-9 Services are fully trained in this method.  In positive reinforement we use one of three techniques to reward the behaviors; luring, shaping, and or capturing are used depending on the technique to which your dog best responds.  Positive reinforcement will develop control and a special bond in the relationship between owner and dog.  We use different methods for differnt type of training.  Our puppies, service/companion dogs, and ESA dogs are typically trained using this method.  We find that it is the best method to produce the kind of bond that needs to be in place with service type dogs. 

Drive/Training through play this method can only be used for dogs that have the proper drive.  This is also a reward based system using classical conditioning.  The foundation can be put in place using positive reinforcement or compulsion and is cemented using drive training.  The dog is required to do the behavior or series of behaviors in order to get the reward.  When the behavior is excuted a game of tug or retrieve ensues.  This method is very effective and shows just how deeply the behavior is imprinted and how well the cue word is understood.  The down side is that not all dogs have the drive/desire for the toy. 

Compulsion training simply appeals to how the dog is wired. If you observe a mother dog with her pups, you will see that in the first 8 weeks of the pup's life the pecking order within the pack is established. Mama dog will bite, growl and force the pups into submission. The rest of the litter mates will establish supremacy below the mom within the pack.

Compulsion training is a command and correction done simultaneously to get the desired behavior. Dogs know how to walk, sit, lay down, and so on. Obedience training is getting the dog to do this when you as the owner choose and for the duration that you desire on cue. The correction in compulsion training is applied in a specific place and directions bring about the desired effect.

Compulsion training will get you the respect of your dog. When you as the owner establish yourself as "Alpha", your dog will take a subordinate position and be a happy, well-balanced, and loving friend to you. 


Review our different training levels to see which one is best for you and your dog.