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Obedience Training

Mountaineer K-9 services uses world class training techniques that have been around for over 100 years. This art has been tested and proven to be the most effective, reliable type of training.

Compulsion training simply appeals to how the dog is wired. If you observe a Mother dog with her pups you will see that in the first 8 weeks of the pup’s life pecking orders in the pack are established. Mama dog will bite, growl and force the pups to submission. The rest of the litter mates they will establish supremacy below the mom within the pack as well.

Compulsion training is a command and correction done simultaneously to get the desired behavior. Dogs know how to walk, sit, lay down, and so on. Obedience training is getting the dog to do this when you as the owner choose and for the duration that you desire on cue. The corrections in compulsion training applied in a specific place and direction bring about the desired effect.

Compulsion training will get you the respect of your dog. When you as the owner establish yourself as Alpha, the dog will take a subordinate position and be a happy, well-balanced, loving friend to you. 

Complusion Training is the primary method of training at Mountaineer K-9 however,  Master Trainer Mike Kordusky is proficient in positive reinforcement and motivational training as well.   Mike will assess the dog and create a plan for each individual dog and many times it is a combination of the different methods of training.  

Review our different training levels to see which one is best for you and your dog.